E-Steps mobility

The street scene and, in particular, mobility are changing at a rapid pace. New developments in two-wheeler mobility have been very clearly visible in the last decade. The two-wheeler industry is innovating at a rapid pace. In addition to a variety of electric bicycles, electric scooters are making their appearance.
Legislation is not always consistent and cannot keep up with developments. A good example is the development of the electric scooter.
In some countries, due to the efforts of innovative companies in shared mobility, the electric scooter has become an integral part of the street scene.
Using an electric scooter safely requires reliable and approved products and the training of the users and sellers of this new form of transport. We deliver the Veeley E-step with a moped license plate (25 km/h) approved in the Netherlands! Soon there will be various scooters available from Skotero that are suitable for the NL roads!

Veeley V5 E-Step

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Skotero Force XR

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Skotero Electric Steps

Experience this new trend and the ease of use…

The last kilometers to work, the ban on fuel scooters, the prevention of high parking costs and last but not least the sustainable nature have been reasons for us to focus on this form of transport.

Move easily, quickly and safely!

The Skotero steps are aimed at global citizens who want to move easily, sustainably and quickly.
Think of commuters, who unfold the Veeley the last part from the trunk or public transport and arrive at their workplace easily, safely and quickly between traffic.
Once they arrive at work, they fold the E-step and easily pull it to their workplace.

Or shoppers who want to avoid high parking costs in cities.
You can take your electric scooter out of your trunk just outside the center and you can easily move through the busy city center to your favorite shop or restaurant.

The entire Skotero collection can be supplied by us!

At the moment the scooters are only approved abroad. And it may not be driven on public roads.


An overview of the range is shown below.


The product specifications can be downloaded below:


Bamox Specificatieblad NL 07
PDF – 162,6 KB 432 downloads
Extreme Specificatieblad NL 02
PDF – 244,3 KB 432 downloads
Force Specificatieblad NL 03
PDF – 560,8 KB 429 downloads
Tetrod Specificatieblad NL 04
PDF – 97,9 KB 431 downloads
Curve Specificatieblad NL 01
PDF – 158,0 KB 418 downloads
Extreme XR Specificatieblad NL 10
PDF – 161,8 KB 416 downloads
Force XR Spcificatiebladen NL 09
PDF – 319,8 KB 423 downloads
Stepley Specificatieblad NL 08
PDF – 178,8 KB 416 downloads
Freeze Specificatieblad NL 05
PDF – 79,1 KB 418 downloads
Freeze XR Specificatieblad NL 06
PDF – 105,2 KB 411 downloads