The Netherlands would like to have emission-free driving in major cities by 2030. By establishing an environmental zone and applying lower parking rates for zero-emission vehicles, municipalities have tools to improve the air quality in city centers.

City logistics solutions come in the form of LEVs (Light Electric Vehicles)

We would like to inform you about the options that are suitable for your company.

On the road, on the water, by rail and by air.

Emission-free transport

There are many advantages for companies to purchase an electric LEV. Tax technical benefits but also lower maintenance costs.

Are you investing in a business asset that ensures sustainable mobility? Then you may be able to make use of a tax advantage with the MIA\Vamil. This concerns operating assets that have to do with quiet, clean and economical transport options.

The electric urban mobility is very innovative and environmentally friendly and is on the Environmental List. This makes you eligible for various subsidies. These subsidies are provided via the central government, tax authorities and municipalities. Your tax advisor can advise you further on this.

A lot of information can be found at: https://www.zowerkthetindestadslogistiek.nl/ 



GWM Selvo LT.Cargo

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Move City Car

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Move Vigorous CarGo

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Carver Cargo

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Move City CarGo

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Econelo J2 Cargo

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GWM HL3.0 Delivery scooter

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elektrische bezorgscooter