Hawk E-Scooter

Would you like to go out quietly and environmentally friendly with two? City mobility with a modern twist! This electric scooter is equipped with extra legroom and a large buddy seat that offers enough space for two people. There is also a storage space under the buddy seat.

The Hawk is an electric scooter from the well-known Chinese e-scooter manufacturer Sunra. The company sells scooters in 70 countries and has a production capacity of 4 million electric scooters per year.
The scooter has a high quality 2000 Watt Bosch motor and can be ordered with three battery options: Standard Lead Acid Batteries, 1x 20 Ah Lithium for a range of 65 km and 2x 20 Ah Lithium for a range of 130 km.
Available in a 25 km/h (moped) and a 45 km/h (moped) version.

Driving an electric scooter is environmentally conscious and much cheaper. You have nothing to do with fuel prices and high maintenance costs. For example, you can charge your electric scooter at night if you are not using it. In the morning, it is ready with a full battery charge for a whole day of driving pleasure!

The rich standard equipment makes driving great, such as an extensive dashboard, USB connection and Bluetooth. The scooter also has speakers to produce a sound while driving to improve pedestrian safety.

We would like to invite you for an introduction to this cool scooter!

More information can be found in the folder:


MOVE Flyer Sunra Hawk V 1
PDF – 1,6 MB 437 downloads


From € 1595.00 Lead battery

From € 1995.00 Lithium battery

From € 2495.00 2x Lithium battery

Preparation costs from € 200.00

License plate fee € 95.00

Inquire about availability!