V28 moped

The sturdy Move V28 is a 100% electric moped. With a tilting front up to 42 degrees! This gives driving a new dimension!

Available in a 45 km/h version as a moped, but also as a scooter with 25 km/h.

The silent V28 is at home in rough terrain and can climb slopes of up to 25 degrees.

The road holding is very stable, making sharp turns easier to take than a normal conventional two-wheel scooter.

The trike has a motor in the rear wheel and has more than enough power to also carry a fellow passenger.


Because of the sustainable Lithium Battery Pack, you as a company are entitled to deduct the MIA subsidy, VAT deduction and VAMIL (Accelerated depreciation)

The first year 75% and the second year 25%.

As a scooter, the trike qualifies as a WMO provision. If you are entitled to WMO, you can inquire about this at the municipality.

More information can be found in the folder:

MOVE Flyer Vigorous V 28 V 1
PDF – 1,6 MB 439 downloads

An extensive test of the Move V28:

Move V 28 Scooter&BikeXpress
Image – 8,1 MB 389 downloads

We would like to invite you for an introduction to the V28!


The prices for the V28 are:

V28  28Ah - Scooter version €3550,-

V28  28Ah – Scooter version €3950,-

V28 40Ah – Mobility scooter version €3975,-

V28 40Ah– Scooter version €4425,-

V28 40Ah– Engine version €4680,-


Delivery costs from € 200.00

License plate fee € 95.00

Inquire about availability!