Urban Micromobility


Micromobility is dominant in urban areas, enhancing the transportation sustainability.

The quality of urban life will grow by increasing transportation accessibility, reducing traffic congestion and improving the air qaulity.

Urban mobility can tackle the problems associated with the urban movement of people and goods. 

Vinkmobility can provide sustainable urban mobility solutions.

A wide range of urban mobility for companies and individuals.

All with the aim of creating the sustainable cities of tomorrow.


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VinkMobility is your partner for electric vehicles!

Looking for smart and sustainable mobility or logistics transport?
We provide 100% electric mobility solutions for individuals and companies.
Mobility needs are different for everyone. You can see our extensive product range on our website.

We are happy to give you personal advice to help you make the right choice for a suitable vehicle.


We have been a mobility supplier in the Zaandam region for more than 50 years. As Autovink Zaandam, we started out as

a universal car company. We have since grown into a modern Bovag company with a well-equipped

workshop and an attractive micomobility on display. You can come to us for service and maintenance.

We make sure you stay mobile!

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Mobility needs have changed in recent years. Pressure on space in our cities is a major challenge.

Thanks to new innovative solutions and technological advances, it is possible to make our living environment cleaner

quieter and more accessible. Micromobility and micro-logistics are changing the way people and goods

move. Vehicles are compact, emission-free, 100% electric and sustainable.

Micromobility has also the potential of substituting private ownership of cars in cities.

VinkMobility has specialised in micromobility. We offer new and smart forms of mobility.

Developments are rapid in urban mobility. The vehicles become more complete, safe and modern.

An added advantage is that the maintenance costs of electric vehicles are much lower (TCO).

Enough reason to see which Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) suits you!


Large range in electric mobility


In our wide range micromobility, you will always find a small electric car that suits you. We supply new and used vehicles.

Make an appointment for a test drive and find out which tuktuk, covered scooter,  trike, citycar,

scooter, rocks-e or mobility scooter suits you. We also offer solutions for emission-free city logistics.


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