Kymco Mini LS

The Mini LS is easy to fold or disassemble for transport by car to your destination.

The Kymco MINI LS is designed to give you the highest possible flexibility and comfort. The new seat fits like a real seat and provides a lot of support during all rides. The Mini LS Comfort has two front shock absorbers to make your rides smoother. Of course, the pneumatic tires also help against feeling every bump and stone. You can fold the Mini LS and take it with you in the car to your destination. In this way, this scooter not only gives you a lot of freedom in and around your home, but also a bit further from home. If you want even more comfort, you can also opt for the Comfort +, which has rear shock absorbers in addition to front shock absorbers.

Features of a Kymco scooter:

*  modern design

*  super comfort

*  powerful

*  silent

Product specifications:

- foldable
- range: max. 26 km
- turning circle: 1220 mm
- lengthxwidthxheight: 1080x520x860 mm
- max. speed: 6.4 km/h
- seat height: 340-430 mm
- total weight incl. battery: 54 kg

Avalaible in the colours: black, blue, orange and gold.

More information can be found in the flyer:

Flyer Kymco Mini
PDF – 280,2 KB 395 downloads


The Kymco Mini LS is the standard version                                         Price: € 1599.00
The Kymco Mini LS Comfort has front shock absorbers                      Price: € 1699.00
The Kymco Mini LS Conmfort+ has front and rear shock absorbers    Price: € 1899.00

Temporary extra transport costs €100.00

Inquire about availability!