Green World Mobility HL 3.0

This sturdy e-scooter is really the eye-catcher on the road. The smooth driving characteristics and the noiseless propulsion makes many heads turn. High driving comfort and a long range. The battery is removable and easy to charge at home with a 230V socket. An extra battery is available for even more driving pleasure!

With a maximum speed of 25 km/h, there is no helmet requirement for the moped (with the exception of Amsterdam), so let the wind blow through your hair!

The moped version of 45 km/h takes you quickly and comfortably to your destination!

There is a delivery scooter especially for logistics, check out our page!


With its sturdy wheels, robust construction and quiet engine, this is a special appearance on the road.

The wide tires provide a shorter braking distance and a safe feeling on the road.

The double rear suspension makes the E-scooter very comfortable to drive. Furthermore, it is also equipped with a digital speedometer, alarm system including remote control, steering wheel lock and a USB charging point for your smartphone under the seat.


Below is the folder for more information:

GWM HL 3.0 Produkt folder
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Various colors and accessories are available. This makes the scooter even more personal.

We would like to invite you for a closer acquaintance with this E-scooter.


From € 2295.00

Delivery costs from € 200.00

License plate fee € 95.00

Inquire about availability!