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Orange Ventures is the organization behind the electric scooters of Veeley and Skotero. The electric Veeley scooter has been developed in the Netherlands with the latest techniques. As an e-step unique in its kind! Supplied with a Dutch type approval. Can be ridden as a step (standing) or as a moped with the folded out saddle. The comfortably sprung scooter is easy to fold and take with you.


Orange Ventures has a wide range of electric scooters in the collection. The e-steps are sold throughout Europe, from simple light scooters to a very solid version for rental.
With the wide range, Skotero wants to solve parking problems and traffic congestion and change the streetscape forever.

Important announcement:

All prices mentioned are subject to change.

The prices of the transport from the different factories have risen quite a bit!


Veeley V5 E-step

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Skotero Force XR

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