Motion Mirage Mobility scooter


New on the market, a compact covered scooter. Wonderfully dry and comfortable to your destination!

With the 100% electric microcar you can drive quietly and environmentally friendly in the city and in the countryside.

The mobility scooter has two seats behind each other. In addition to a person, the rear seat also has room for your groceries.

The Motion Mirage  is a compact vehicle but does have a safe cage construction.

Luxury such as an open roof, reversing camera, electric windows, LED lighting and more accessories are standard!

You can simply charge the scooter at home with a normal socket. The gross range is 60 km, more than sufficient for daily use.


These vehicles are eligible for a WMO (Social Support Act) application.

Ask your municipality about the possibilities for a PGB (Personal Budget)!

Stay driving license-free with the Motion Mirage.

Maximum 45 km/h and executed as a scooter, so driving on the road, on the bike path or the sidewalk.

The Motion Mirage is the same vehicle as the Nelo 4.1, only the versions differ.


The standard version includes:

• Central locking
• Alloy wheels
• Panorama open roof
• Sound System
• Digital dashboard
• Metallic colors
• Reversing camera


More information can be found in the folder:

Mobility scooter adjustments

Product Sheet GWM Motion Mirage
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From € 9520.00 

Lithium batteries extra price € 2995.00
Delivery costs from € 450.00

Neatly delivered to your home with explanation about the vehicle.

Inquire about availability!



Regular maintenance keeps your vehicle in perfect condition and ensures lasting driving pleasure. We recommend that you have a service carried out every 2,500 km or once a year. View our options here.

Timely maintenance according to regulations saves costs.

In our well-equipped workshop we can maintain, repair, provide service and repair damage on your mobility.


Do you want to insure your micromobility WA or All Risk? We work together with 'Premiewinkel' for the insurance of your vehicle. We are happy to advise you about the possibilities. Please note that to drive a motor vehicle you must be at least 16 years old and in possession of a valid scooter driver's license.

Mobility scooters can be driven without a driver's license from the age of 16


We will of course deliver your vehicle in perfect condition. In the unlikely event that something is not right, you can count on our extensive factory warranty.

With a second-hand vehicle you will receive

6 months Bovag warranty from € 3500.00  A used vehicle is of course also fully technically checked before delivery.


Most vehicles come with a fixed battery. Some scooters are equipped with a removable battery.

The range (how many kilometers you can drive) depends on many factors. Such as speed, temperature and weather conditions.

Charging is done via the normal socket and optionally via a charging station. Choose the vehicle that suits your lifestyle and transportation requirements.