The Classic is a classic retro scooter with Italian influences and a unique design. An electric scooter that is nice and compact and has the appearance of a beautiful classic scooter. Due to its size, it is easy to handle and also has a low step.

The Move Classic is equipped with a high-quality 1.800-watt electric motor from the BOSCH brand. You can choose from one or two removable lithium batteries for a maximum range of 120 km.
In addition, the scooter has a user-friendly digital dashboard.


We can supply this retro scooter with various accessories for even more driving pleasure.

Available in different colors such as red metallic, silver gray metallic, white or light blue.

The nostalgic electric scooter combines the retro look with the latest technology!

More information can be found in the folder:

MOVE Flyer Classic V 1
PDF – 1,5 MB 428 downloads

We would like to invite you for an introduction to the Move Classic and/or a test drive.


From € 1995.00

Delivery costs from € 200.00

License plate fee € 95.00

Inquire about availability!