Econelo supplies a wide range of electric vehicles and mobility scooters.

The company started with mobility scooters for disabled and elderly people.

A lot of experience has been gained with this in electric vehicles. After that, there was a demand for covered vehicles to get from point A to B dry but also warm. A higher speed (45 km/h) was also welcome to cover slightly longer distances.

This resulted in a nice range of covered scooters that are also very popular with a young audience.

Econelo currently supplies high-quality and affordable vehicles from mopeds, scooters, scooters, microcars to covered scooters.

Good solutions for inner-city mobility for young people (from 16 years), seniors, the disabled and also the business market.

Do you want to be and stay mobile with an electric vehicle? Or are you looking for a modern business mobility solution for your customers in the city center?

As a dealer we have knowledge of the vehicles, we provide good service and personal advice!

Important announcement:

All prices mentioned are subject to change.

The prices of the transport from the different factories have risen quite a bit!


Econelo DTR

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Econelo Nelo 3.1

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Econelo Nelo 4.1

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3-Wheel Mobility Scooter

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4-Wheel Mobility scooter

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Econelo Cargo J2

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