Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

More and more companies are engaged in corporate social responsibility (CSR). This means that they take into account the effects of their business operations on people, the environment and society. Vinkmobiliteit also stimulates CSR.

CSR is a nice topic to talk about, but much nicer to work on together. We try to act responsibly on all fronts, by changing habits and stimulating awareness through responsible entrepreneurship. We are happy to support regional activities such as the "Buurtcamping" and Christmas packages for the less fortunate. But we also buy from small entrepreneurs in the Zaanstreek (#shoplocal).

As a small company, we also want social and sustainable entrepreneurship, the so-called Social Return on Investment (SROI). And to give concrete form and help people who do not easily get a job find a suitable workplace.




We have also already taken many measures to save the environment. LED lighting has been installed throughout. The waste is collected separately, used tires are collected for recycling and the used oils are also taken to a recycling company. Used parts are also regularly mounted. The advantage for our customers is a lower price and a lower environmental impact through reuse.

We advise our customers on sustainable mobility solutions!

Our contribution:

We try to contribute to our society through sponsoring, investments and support.


Social Impact Maker

Creating social initiatives creates jobs and new opportunities for disadvantaged people in our society.

A project we support is the coffee-roasting factory  Zuivere Koffie

Zuivere Koffie offers motivated (ex-) detainees a second chance by learning a craft. Zuivere Koffie is the only organic coffee in the world roasted in prison.

Order the products from Zuivere Koffie!   


Social Impact Maker

Stichting Present

Present makes it possible for more and more people to look after each other. Standing up together for people who could use some help.

Stichting Present

Kledingbank Zaanstreek

Stichting Kledingbank Zaanstad provides reusable clothing and footwear to people who desperately need it, but cannot afford it (anymore).

Stichting Kledingbank zaansteek

Stichting Opkikker

Opkikker organizes an Opkikker day about two thousand times a year for families with a long-term sick child.

stichting Opkikker


Natuurmonumenten is an association that stands at the heart of society and protects nature everywhere in the Netherlands.





Mobility Solutions

At Vinkmobility we are also working on the future of mobility. We can inform our customers about sustainable mobility solutions. Our company also has a charging station for electric cars and we have an electric car in our fleet. Two rental bicycles are also available for our customers in the immediate region. We also supply electric vehicles for clean and sustainable urban mobility.

Mobility in the world  will change significantly in the coming years, a transition to smart & sustainable mobility and logistics.

In order to be of service to you in the future, we provide 100% electric city mobility. This is from an electric scooter to an electric company car.