History since 1966

Vinkmobiliteit is part of Autovink Zaandam. A universal car company for maintenance, repairs and MOT.

Autovink has been a fact since 1966. We are happy to share this history with you.

After years of tinkering in a small garage, it was time in 1968 for Mr Thorbecke and his partner Mr Vink to move to a larger space. That became a spacious commercial building on the Eendrachtstraat in Zaandam. For years they worked hard but with great enthusiasm and the clientele expanded considerably. After the retirement of Mr Thorbecke in 1996, Mr Vink continued with his son Erwin Vink.


Old situation in the 80s

Early 2000 current location

Our building in 2020

New situation
Autovink has since grown into a versatile car company with a lot of experience and craftsmanship. In 1998 we moved into our current building on the East side. An existing building on a small-scale industrial estate within the built-up area of Zaandam. At this location we are easily accessible for our customers, with two NS stations, a bus station and the A7 and A8 motorways you can reach us quickly and easily. We have grown into a modern car company with a well-equipped workshop and an attractive showroom. In 2012 we renovated our building and the name Thorbecke Vink was officially changed to Autovink Zaandam.


Latest developments

Since 2018, our company has been transferred to Erwin Vink. Our company also focuses on the future. Reason for us to add the trade name 'Vinkmobiliteit'. Current mobility is constantly changing due to social developments. We also want to offer you the right mobility solution in the future.


The future of our mobility must be cleaner, more sustainable and more environmentally friendly.

This is the reason that we have become a dealer of various electric vehicles.

We supply a complete range of E-step, mopeds, microcars, scooters and commercial vehicles for city logistics.

50 Years Bovag Anniversary

50 Years of Bovag Membership!
November 2020 we received our anniversary certificate from de BOVAG. As a member of BOVAG we stand for quality, reliability and warranty. These guarantees are of great importance to our customers. But the Bovag also provides a lot of information, advocacy and support in our business operations!